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Why Choose a Coach

"No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear" ~C.S. Lewis

Coaches are empathetic, they can see your strengths and your weaknesses. They guide you into

action, allowing you to fulfill your life’s purpose and dreams. They listen to your personal story, allowing

you to reflect on your situation. Coach’s encourage and keep you focused on accomplishing your goals.

Coaching is a powerful support in times of transition. Because the passing of a loved one is a major

transition for most people a coach can help you adjust to this transition and plan your future in ways that

are meaningful to you. They can help you learn how to move on after the loss of your loved one by

guiding you to see your personal strengths. Going through the grieving phases with a coach will take

away the feeling of being alone during this time.


Together we can explore how to move forward while keeping your loved one in your heart. We

may never get to answer the question “why” this happened, but we can work to get you to a place of

acceptance. We can get you to a place where you feel comfortable moving forward, allowing you to live

your best life despite your loss.

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