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"Those who think there is a time limit to grieve have never lost a piece of their heart."

About Me: Rebecca Tiso RN, BSN, Holistic Nurse Coach, Grief Coach

As a Registered Nurse, a Holistic Nurse Coach and a Grief Coach I have worked with many families during the dying phases and after the passing of a loved one. My goal is to bring you and your family to a place of acceptance after your loss. I do this by holding a safe nonjudgmental space for you to grieve. Allowing you, your family, and loved ones the time and space to accept the passing of your loved one. Getting you to a place where you can set new goals and continue on with your life purpose.

I obtained my nursing degree from Laboure school of nursing. I then received my bachelors in science of nursing (BSN) from Emmanuel College. I continued my education with ‘Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy’ and received a Holistic Nurse Coach Certification. I am nationally certified through the American Holistic Nurses Association. Over time, I realized that helping individuals and families through the dying and grieving processes was my true calling . I then received my Grief Coach Certification through ‘From Grief to Gratitude’ (a program accredited by the International Coach Federation ‘ICF’).

I hold individual or group sessions via phone, online (Skype/Zoom), or in person. I can meet with you, and your family during the dying process to help you through it. After the passing we meet again and I will guide you through the grieving process.

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